Oct 29th 2012

NovoCell® participated at International Workshop FAPESP & BG BRASIL

NovoCell<sup>®</sup> participated at Internacional Workshop FAPESP & BG BRASIL

NovoCell® accepted the FAPESP and BG Brazil invitation to discuss joint support for research in natural gas.

The NovoCell® Research Team and Engineering, together with scientists and professionals in the natural gas industry gathered at the "International Workshop on Science, Technology and Natural Gas Applications," sponsored by FAPESP and BG Brazil company - owned by BG Group at the headquarters of FAPESP.

The discussions held during the event were the basis for the elaboration of an agreement on scientific and technological cooperation to be signed between the two institutions in early 2013.

Among the topics of interest were: "Integrating the use of gas in power systems", "gas liquefaction", "Use of gas for the production of hydrogen and other chemicals", "hydrogen powered vehicles" and "Fuel Cells".

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