Fuel Cell Test Stations

The Plug & Play NovoCell´s PEM Fuel Cell Test Stations are designed at the three operational modes ( Manual, Semi-Auto and Auto ), to allow beginners or advanced users to obtain maximum performance of fuel cell stacks from 250W, 500W, 2,5 kW, 5,0 kW till 10,0 kW.

PEMFC Stack manufacturers can use the fully automated operation feature, that runs stacks 24/7 with no assistance, to optimize conditioning protocols.

Mobile Devices (Cell phone and Tablet´s) are key to remote monitoring and control, anywhere and anytime.


• PID Controller to Stack Temperature and Cooling System;
• PID Controller to Air Humidity and H2 Humidity;
• PID Controller to Flow rate of gases (hydrogen and air);
• Purging of gases (hydrogen and air);
• Electronic Load Module;
• Voltage Reading Module Cell-to-Cell;
• Automatic Safety Interlocks and Process.

Manual Controls
• Output Pressure of gases (hydrogen and air);

Power Controls
• DC-AC Inverter Module for 220Vac loads to the Stack;
• DC-DC Module for 48 VDC loads to the Stack;

Monitoring and Control Systems
• Microcomputer;
• Monitoring and Control Software;
• Continuous all process variables recording in electronic file, allowing to follow charts and trends of operation;
• Programming Recipes for implementation of Standard Operating Testing and Simulation of Failure Modes;
• Communication Protocol USB / Ethernet TCP-IP.

Deionized Water Generation Systems ensuring maximum conductivity of 2 uS / cm.


NVC-ETCC-0k25 0,1 - 3Vdc 250 W
NVC-ETCC-0k5 0,5 - 24Vdc 500 W
NVC-ETCC-2k5 1,3 - 58Vdc 2,5 kW
NVC-ETCC-5k0 2,6 - 96Vdc 5,0 kW
NVC-ETCC-10k0 2,6 - 96Vdc 10,0 kW