Test Station


The product line includes tops NovoCell® Test Station. Developed primarily for internal use at NovoCell® research and development department in developing their PEM Fuel Cells electricity generators, at the benches have features that allow any professional, technical or otherwise, to operate and develop its own fuel cell.

Fully automated, these stations countertops 24hs/day operation without requiring any human intervention, because they have power systems automated for gases and liquids, as well as internal systems for inter-locks and alarms to ensure the safety of the equipment and the people around you, blocking all equipment under any sign of leaks or events that may cause some risk.

Thanks to the remote monitoring system, these workbenches allow that changes in testing protocols can be made via remote access, not requiring an operator to be present at the test site.

Made from automated processes and quality control guaranteed, NovoCell® offers Certificates of Compliance following all requirements of American and European standards for any parameters desired by the customer, and may also meet specific demands if needed.