GDL - Gas Diffusion Layer

ELAT® constitutes a base layer of the gas diffusion type composed of carbon fabric and a micro porous top layer comprised by carbon fibers and Teflon®. The ELAT® is designed to have excellent performance in various operating conditions. The ELAT® is used as catalyst support in organic electrochemistry, fuel cells, batteries, electrolyzer and other applications.

GDL - Gas Diffusion Layer
NuVant® Systems Inc.

OPTION ON DIMENSIONAL Sections of 2,23cm x 2,23cm (5cm²).
Sections of 5,00cm x 5,00cm (25cm²).
Sections of 7,07cm x 7,07cm (50cm²).
Sections of 10,0cm x 10,0cm (100cm²).

Customized Sizes are also available.


Thickness (0.5psi) MIcron 454
Specific Gravity g/m2 ~250
Density g/cm³ 0.8
Electrical Conductivity (bulk) ohm-cm ~0.002
Air Permeability mL/(cm2-sec) ~10
Porosity micra ~31
Carbon Content % 99.5 at Textile, variable by hydrophobicity